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Hey guys,

Today while I was browsing the articles at wikipedia, I did a quick search for our favourite game - wargames, hacker games, computer-based challenges, or whatever it is called, and noticed that linkthere's still no article for it.

I remember discussing with other challengers about it a few years ago on our favourite IRC channel. While many agreed with the idea, no work has been done so far. Only until recently, the game has been added as an open link:

A game of computer security, popularized by and the DEF_CON hacker convention. See Wargames (Computer Security).

So guys, what are you waiting for? Let's start filling it with an article about our favourite game :)

I think we can structure the page like this:

1. Overview
Definition of wargames. The target, the players and the many aspects of computing they covered.
2. History of wargaming
A quick introduction about the very first challenge sites - any suggestions?
3. Wargaming rules
Maybe something about no trading, no attacking the server, etc.
4. Skills required
Maybe some review of the skills/techniques needed for each category.
5. List of hot challenge sites
tbs, hq, nf, and the likes

Any idea?
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I think the name came from a movie called "Wargames" from 1983 or so.
It's about a kid who scanned telephone numbers and thought he found something with a war game, but he nearly launched a nuclear attack =).

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